Furniture FAQ

Choosing and buying office furniture may feel like an overwhelming task. Here are the most frequently asked questions sent to us by our customers who have used Common Sense Office Furniture to refresh their space.

Yes, we have our own in-house delivery and installation services. We control our own schedule, have the proper workman’s compensation insurance, proper liability coverage, and we use our own vehicles.

Sometimes, when purchasing office furniture it can be difficult to know whether you want your L-shaped desk to have a “right-handed return” or a “left-handed return”.

An L-shaped desk with a “left-handed return” will have the main desk portion in front of you, with the return on your left. Usually, the return has a file/file pedestal (drawers large enough for hanging files).
left handed return

An L-shaped desk with a “right-handed return” is the opposite – the return will be on your right.
right handed return

For most projects, we will provide a floor layout, so the client will be able to see how each desk will be installed into the office space. It’s very important that our clients look over the layout and notify us of any changes prior to approval so that we make sure our installers build the desks with the correct-handed returns.

left and right handed diagram

Pedestals are the drawers used underneath work surfaces and desk tops. They contain 2 or 3 drawers, have many pull options, multiple color choices, and are used primarily for personal storage, filing, and to alleviate desk clutter of office accessories such as paper clips, pens, writing pads, etc.

We will either purchase or dispose of your existing furniture. The value of the furniture is based on what it will sell for in today’s pre-owned furniture market, not the original purchase price.

Our warehouse is used for receiving and delivery purposes as well as housing our pre-owned furniture inventory. Our showroom houses our sales, design, and administrative personnel and is used for the display of our new furniture offerings.

New furniture pricing is calculated based on the options selected. The fabric, finish, paint, size, materials used in construction and shipping policies all affect the final pricing. There would be too many options and different prices to put on our website and maintain all of the pertinent data.

We make every effort to supply keys with our pre-owned furniture storage products. It is dependent on the original user’s policies and habits. There is a wonderful website called that will mail you a key when you provide them with the numbered code on each lock cylinder.

Given the strict and ever-changing electrical codes that are administered by cities, counties, states, and the Federal Government. We do not provide cabling or electrical services. We partner with Territo Electric and KeyCom Technologies and confidently refer them to our customers. They are professionally licensed businesses that can provide your cabling, data, electrical, access control, phones, and even dial tone to make your relocation or expansion seamless.

We have a complete commercial furniture rental and leasing program. The options to lease commercial furniture are very limited and we provide a very cost-effective and prompt solution to renting or leasing requirements. Our terms are flexible, so you are not obligated to a specific length of time. We often finance them ourselves and also have several leasing companies that understand the finances of office furniture. Visit our rental furniture website for more information!

Commercial furniture “lead times” vary from 10 days to six months with most manufacturers having a quick ship program as well as standard lead times. Generally, you should allow 6 – 8 weeks from order placement to actual delivery and installation. The items most people do not plan for is the coordination of the electrical layout and cabling requirements with the furniture. They are intimately intertwined, and the electrical layout of the building has a significant impact on the furniture layout – the reverse is also true.

Furniture falls under Section 179 of the IRS tax code. You may deduct up to $ 1,000,000 of furniture in one year. This results in very significant tax savings. Be certain to tell your Accountant about your purchase, and other equipment purchases, to maximize your tax savings.

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