Our Services

Design and Planning

We will work with your designers and architects to provide furniture that will fit in your space. Our sales and design team uses AutoCAD, CET Designer and GIZA programming to optimize your office space. Our level of software has set the industry standard for space planning, presentation, and specification tool for the contract furniture industry. Common Sense Office Furniture displays your furnished office space at multiple views, eliminating future problems and concerns before they occur.

Rental and Leasing

If you need temporary furniture for short term or long term, we have some furniture and seating available for rental. Perhaps you just need some furniture to “get you by” until you have the budget to buy what you are really looking for, or maybe the furniture you ordered has a long lead time…either way, we can work with you and hopefully come up with a solution to your temporary problem.


We have a great installation and delivery team that is also trained to fix and repair items that may be broken or damaged. If we cannot fix it, then we will see what we can do about getting you a replacement from the manufacturer.


We offer services to help you reconfigure your office and workspace. Our team will come out and move your cubicles, workstations, or desks.

Project Management

We will work with your general contractor to make sure we have everything all set prior to moving your furniture into a new building. For example, if your city requires a furniture permit, your sales associate will get it for you (client is responsible for paying any permit fees). We do our best to make sure all deadlines are met so that way your company is moving into the new office space on time!

Moving & Relocation

If your office is moving to a new location, we have a team that will come out and move all of your furniture for you. We also have bins for rent that can be used by your employees to store all of their belongings during the move.