Meet Our Team

Craig Caswell

Craig started Common Sense Office Furniture back in 1997 and is like a father to all of us. He prides himself on building warm relationships with customers, providing wonderful service, and having an amazing head of hair. Craig is always up for a game of golf – or client entertainment (have you seen the bar in our showroom?) Most importantly hiring the right people over the years has helped the business flourish and providing an excellent place to work is at the top of the list.

Sara Hagner
General Manager

Sara joined the Common Sense family back in 2012 and maintains long-lasting relationships with our valued customers and vendors alike. As the operations team calls her “Mama Bear”, Sara takes pride in looking after her co-workers. She shares her time between our showroom and warehouse locations, always lending a helping hand. 

Stephanie Martinez
Warehouse Manager

Stephanie has been apart of our Common Sense team since 2017 and has stayed busy ever since. Whether it‘s running the forklift, organizing the warehouse, or even designing our marketing materials, she is the definition of a multi-tasker. There isn’t much that Stephanie can‘t handle - trust us, her boys have tried! She is excited about her growth and future at Common Sense.

Alina Shaler
Sales Associate

Alina is one of our all-star sales associates and is constantly reminding us how busy she is helping her customers. However, she’s never too busy to show up to an event if there’s food!

Brian Mulligan
Sales Associate

Brian is a part of our sales team who never seems to stress out. As long as he has some coffee in hand, he is willing and able to handle anything. He would like to remind you to stay calm and chive on.

Carolyn Carney
Sales Associate

Carolyn is a member of the sales team and brings over 15 years of contract furniture experience with her. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University where she was a member of the Women’s Golf Team, and she still likes to tee it up! Carolyn enjoys meeting new people, developing relationships and providing excellent customer service.

Erick Jackson
Project Manager

Erick has over 15 years of experience in logistics management and is known as our household "nerd". He is an avid Street Fighter fan which has now turned into a love for martial arts. Erick was a former lead designer for a tower management company in Boca Raton before heading north for some cooler weather. Erick’s proudest accomplishment besides owning a four-legged child (Hermes), is having a hand in the design of the Philadelphia Eagles stadium! 

Rich McKeown
Punch Department / Used Furniture Sales

Rich started with the company in 2015 and took command of the punch department and used furniture division. He enjoys interacting with the clients and vows that everyone leaves with a handshake, a smile on their face, and a great deal. As a member of a local pool league, Rich enjoys a competitive game of billiards. Afterward, win or lose he may not always be smiling but will always shake your hand.

Brandon Rice

Rest In Peace, Brandon. Words cannot express how much your CSOF family misses you.

Go Vikings!