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The open benching style workplace has become very common over the last few years.  This type of layout often includes height adjustable (or stationary) tables set along a central powered spine with little to no separation between employees.  Here are a few ways to provide additional separation and privacy given the current circumstances:

1. Add a stacker to the power spine to give more separation between those facing each other.  These are commonly available in acrylic, glass, fabric, laminate, etc.
2. Add privacy panels to the front and sides of your work surface.  These are also available in various materials and sizes.
3. If you have space, you can re-orient tables so that employees are back to back and also widen aisleways as much as possible.

OFS Workplace Solutions

Moving forward.
As lifestyles and mindsets shift across individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities, all are searching for confidence in returning to familiar routines and places that are going to be anything but familiar. We want to walk this path with you so we can make choices together that make people feel safe and productive.

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Via Seating Copper Mesh Collection

  • Self sanitizes every 4 hours
  • “Biocidal” – Kills superbugs
  • Anti-fungal, anti-odor, and antiviral

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