Together, we can create a safe place to get back to work

Some events change the course of the world (and work) forever. The workplace that we left behind will not be the same one we enter back into. As you prepare your strategy to return to work, we are here to provide research-driven suggestions to optimize your workplace wellness.

Our team of workplace consultants have solutions for the immediate and long term future. We have rapid-response products to accommodate division, but our main dedication is to designs that mark a fundamental shift from the past to a new, better working environment.

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Wellness Solutions

HEAT – Health Evaluation Access Terminal

The HEAT (Health Evaluation Access Terminal) digital detection, face recognition, access control terminal is a threshold management device with fast, precise reads, and large storage capacity. It integrates facial recognition technology with a digital temperature detection module for non-contact, rapid temperature measures, and positive identification. The terminal can achieve facial recognition and temperature detection simultaneously, and provide immediate visual/audible alerts for abnormal body temperature. It can be deployed in crowded places, such as schools, retail, smart communities, office buildings, hospitals, and senior living facilities. The HEAT unit can be a stand-alone or connected to doors to restrict entry, as well as data networks for elaborate reporting & management.

  • Deep learning algorithm providing a face recognition accuracy rate > 99%, and false rate < 1%
  • Supports two-way audio with an indoor monitor
  • Supports video capture and ONVIF surveillance camera protocol
  • Add up to 6 photos in base library for a single person
  • Supports face, card, password and QR code authentication for door access control
  • Includes tamper protection, door open timeout, and override to keep egress door open during fire alarm condition

Before & After Space Reconfiguration

While there are no hard and fast rules in place yet, our team of trusted advisors can look at your office layout to see if we can reconfigure your floor plan to better accommodate social distancing. This is a free service we are extending to you during this period of transition. 

The open benching style workplace has become very common over the last few years.  This type of layout often includes height adjustable (or stationary) tables set along a central powered spine with little to no separation between employees.  Here are a few ways to provide additional separation and privacy given the current circumstances:

1. Add a stacker to the power spine to give more separation between those facing each other.  These are commonly available in acrylic, glass, fabric, laminate, etc.
2. Add privacy panels to the front and sides of your work surface.  These are also available in various materials and sizes.
3. If you have space, you can re-orient tables so that employees are back to back and also widen aisleways as much as possible.
Through analysis, we can provide distance and division to keep your employees safe.

Click on the photo above to view the full floor plan! 

Click on the photo above to view the full floor plan! 

OFS Workplace Solutions

Moving forward.
As lifestyles and mindsets shift across individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities, all are searching for confidence in returning to familiar routines and places that are going to be anything but familiar. We want to walk this path with you so we can make choices together that make people feel safe and productive.

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Via Seating Copper Mesh Collection

Via Seating has developed a unique copper-infused mesh by partnering with Cupron, utilizing its copper-based proprietary and patented technology. The copper mesh works by physically embedding an EPA registered copper into the fibers of our Via Seating copper mesh. Through this process, the copper will not wear off like topically applied alternatives. The result is a self-sanitizing, copper-infused mesh that has strong biocidal, antifungal, and antiviral properties. There are additional anti-odor properties to the copper mesh as well. It is available in natural and black finishes for the following collections.

  • Award-winning: 2017 Best of NeoCon for Innovation in Healthcare Textiles and a Silver Nightingale Award for healthcare textiles.
  • Nature: biocidal (kills harmful microorganisms), antiviral, antifungal and anti-odor.
  • Cleaning: has self-sanitizing properties, but is also bleach-cleanable.
  • Development: the copper is infused directly into the mesh and doesn’t rub off like topically applied applications.
  • Mesh colors: natural copper (copper color) and black copper.

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Clarus TherMobile

Clarus transformed their mobile product into a shield with a cutout to facilitate taking temperatures from a safe distance. Not only does the shield provide an extra layer of protection during the screening process, but also that it can be wiped clean of all germs, thanks to the non-porous nature of glass.

Safety and mobility rolled into one

  • 1/2″ Clarus tempered safety writing glass
  • Non-staining writing surface
  • Compatible with any marker, even permanent
  • Clarus Opti-Clear finish and eased corners for safety
  • Low-iron, non-porous glass
  • Frameless glass
  • Elegant, large radius corners
  • 40″ wide x 70 1/16″ tall x 21” deep
  • TherMobile is available with and without the thermometer cutout

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JSI Privacy Options

Outfit any space with health safety in mind using JSI’s new and existing product offering. From workspace to open space to breakroom environments, JSI has you covered!

  • Under-surface mount screens
  • Above-surface mount screens
  • Edge-mount screens
  • Side-mount screens
  • Lounge surroundings
  • Freestanding soft-sided screens

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Global Wellness Screens

Provide your employees and customers with a protective barrier to help prevent the spread of germs. These screens are designed to integrate into reception, open-plan offices and point of sale areas. Made from clear acrylic, these screens are easy to wipe clean and sanitize to help maintain a healthy environment. Several mounting options allow the screens to be easily secured and removed without damaging the existing furniture or used as a permanent fixture.

  • Four different mounting options
  • Available in 36″W or 48″W
  • 36″H, 5mm thick clear acrylic
  • 3″ elevated panel mount allows for document pass

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Global Consultation Booths

Protective consultation for front line personnel in healthcare, retail, customer service, and reception applications.

  • Ideal for reception areas, clinics, hospitals, or anywhere a safe, self-contained environment is required
  • Designer shite (DWT) laminate only
  • 82″H x 36″W x 36″D

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Loftwall Station Dividers

Space division is a non-negotiable. Fortunately, whether your environment is a new build or a retrofit, Loftwall designed a product line fit for the job. Meet the new office essentials, meet the nonnegotiables, meet their Back To The Office collection.

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Evolve Freestanding Partitions

Freestanding and Mobile Privacy Panels create privacy in an open environment without damaging the existing structure. Caster models are designed for easy mobility. Use Privacy Panels to divide spaces in offices, healthcare or educational facilities. Segmented module options include Laminate, Clear + Frosted Glass, Writeboard, Fabric, Open Frame and Air Flow to provide a wide array of design capabilities.

  • Freestanding and easy to move
  • Easy to clean, including with a bleach solution except on fabric modules
  • 3″ thick
  • 22″D T-Legs (9.5″ extension on each side of panel)
  • 54″H to 66″H
  • 36″W to 60″W
  • Options include frosted glass, laminate, whiteboard, fabric

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Loftwall Counter Screens / Sneeze Guards

  • Ships up to 25 in 48 hours
  • Four different styles: Classic, Lite, Wrap, Basic
  • Panel options meet indoor air quality standards
  • Multiple screens can be linked together
  • Available in 59″W or 28″W

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Loftwall Room Dividers

  • Multiple Pods can be linked together
  • Pods can be cleaned with healthcare grade cleaners
  • Pods are manufactured with an anodized aluminum frame
  • Dividers have a freestanding movable wall design
  • Dividers can connect with Link
  • Fixed or caster based on dividers

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Versteel Acrylic Privacy Screens

  • Frosted acrylic standard
  • Clear acrylic with extended lead time
  • Permanent mount or clamp-on mount
  • Order with table or as an add-on to an existing table
  • Larger sizes available as double carrel with two privacy sections

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Open Plan Systems Cleanable Fabric

  • Open Plan Systems now offers a fabric that can be thoroughly
    cleaned with a mixture of 4:1 water-to-bleach solution!
  • Available in 15 colors!

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Peter Pepper Infection Control Stations

  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Models for exam room, patient room and corridors include dispensers for sanitizer, masks, gloves and gowns.
  • Freestanding Infection Control Centers are perfect for public waiting and reception areas, providing a single enclosure for dispensing sanitizer, masks, and tissues with poster area for health-related messages.
  • Choice of colors and wood trim finishes.

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KI Furniture

Proximity for your personal space

  • Bringing people together may mean keeping them apart. KI offers several ways to support physical distancing within the office, including height-adjustable screens, dividers, and panel toppers. Available in a variety of materials, these products can be specified for different uses such as barriers or acoustics without sacrificing aesthetics.

Flexibility for your shared spaces

  • With a situation in flux, furniture must flex. KI has several products that can be used to delineate space, separate teams, or cordon off areas. And the unique design of the Tattoo Collection places control of the workspace directly in the hands of employees. It’s flexibility at its finest.

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Clarus be! Shield

A Seamless Division of Space

Clarus be! Shield is the perfect addition to any space. It’s elegantly engineered to add a seamless layer of non-porous, tempered glass protection without affecting the aesthetics of your environment. The frameless, visually unobtrusive design provides safety while also serving as a writable canvas.

  • A beautiful cut-out option allows you to pass papers or important documents through the shield, as well.
  • be! Shield offers a variety of leg variations to fit flawlessly within your current environment. You can either clamp it onto your desk, bolt it down to your work surface, or utilize our non-slip pads to place on any flat surface without damaging your existing furniture.
  • Due to its antimicrobial properties, be! Shield’s glass inhibits the growth of bacteria, adding an extra layer of protection in any workspace.

ROF Screens

**Manufactured in Florida = Shorter Lead Times**

Non-Slip Floor Decals

  • Promote safe social distancing (at the lowest possible cost) with our line of non-slip floor decals. Carpet and Hard Floor Decals: Our material is specially designed for flooring applications, and comes with a UL approved non-slip over-top lamination. Our combination of high-performance light tack adhesive and strong vinyl material keeps your decals in place but allows them to be removable for up to 6 months under normal exposure conditions, from vinyl/tile/concrete/and many types of low pile commercial carpeting.
  • $4.89 and $4.60 each

Zee Clamps & Screens

Fits on Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Allsteel & Knoll panels. Clamp-on brackets won’t damage panels & hold glass securely. Prices include Zee clamps  & gap filler. Freight & installation are extra. Call for custom size quotes.

  • 14″ x 24″ glass or plexiglass $130
  • 14″ x 36″ glass or plexiglass $135
  • 14″ x 48″ glass or plexiglass $145
  • 14″ x 60″ glass or plexiglass $165
  • 14″ x 72″ glass or plexiglass $195

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Glass on Glass Zee Clamps

Prices include Zee clamps 7 gap filler. Freight & installation are extra. Call for custom size quotes.

  • 14″ x 24″ glass or plexiglass $130
  • 14″ x 36″ glass or plexiglass $135
  • 14″ x 48″ glass or plexiglass $145
  • 14″ x 60″ glass or plexiglass $165
  • 14″ x 72″ glass or plexiglass $195

Cee Brackets & Screens

Bolt-on brackets won’t damage worksurface tops & hold glass securely. Cords can run between the screen and the work surface. Price includes Cee clamps. Freight & installation are extra. Call for custom size quotes.

  • 36″ x 30″ glass or plexiglass $160
  • 48″ x 30″ glass or plexiglass $170
  • 60″ x 30″ glass or plexiglass $185
  • 72″ x 30″ glass or plexiglass $220

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Plexiglass Table Screens

Designed for Cafe Tables, Conference Tables, and Reception Desks. Freight & installation are extra. Call for custom size quotes. Base supports may vary.

  • 36″ x 24″ Cafe X plexiglass $170
  • 48″ x 30″ Reception plexiglass $145

Benching Screens

These will fit on any benching system. Lexan comes in clear or white panels. Freight & installation are extra. Call for custom size quote. Base supports may vary.

  • Clear plexiglass prices start at $120 per bench 60″ wide x 24″ deep x 24″ high double-sided
  • Lexan Divider Panels – 62″ high x 48″ wide with floor and work surface mounting bracket $224

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