Workstations & Benching


Evolve Furniture Group offers a more budget-friendly line called Compile, which allows you to complete your office environment without sacrificing quality or beauty. Its simplicity and flexibility aim to keep your long-term costs low.

• Aluminum raceway covers hinge upward and lock in place, or can easily be removed providing open access and better protection, for power and data in the base of the panel.
• Increase visibility and collaboration by using lower panels to increase natural light.
• Panels are available in monolithic or single segmented.
• Universal corner posts, quick connect panel hooks, full-to-floor end trims, top caps integrated into panel frame.

Evolve offers a lifetime warranty. Greenguard certified.


A collection of freestanding workstation solutions, Enwork Ambition was designed to radically improve the office aesthetic of adjustable height workspaces. Ambition beams span incredible distances while delivering power and data throughout the open plan. Available with a variety of supports, configurations, and finish options for just the right aesthetic to fit any space.

• Integrated cord management
• Storage with wire management
• Privacy screens available in frosted acrylic, tackable and non-tackable fabric, or frosted glass. Privacy between workstations can also be achieved with 2- or 3-sided acoustic screens or painted 3-sided curved corner screens.

Enwork integrates environmentally sustainable materials and manufacturing into their products. Enwork offers a 10-year warranty.


More than just office furniture, the Stad collection by Groupe Lacasse is a professional lifestyle.

  • Answering to the emerging needs of today’s open-plan workspaces, including more privacy when desired and collaborative or impromptu meeting areas.
  • The components can be reconfigured time and again, with adjustable height tables, modular soft seating, and poufs for greater comfort and better posture.


Evolve System offers the option to stack tiles high enough (up to 25 feet!) to create a private office, or low enough to become collaborative workstations.

• Panels do not have to be fabric only – mix it up by choosing glass, metal, mesh, laminate, or marker board. Feel free to design your workspace by mixing and matching!
• Panels also incorporate plug and play connectivity at the work surface and offer proven wire management to meet your power and data needs.
• Panels are stackable in 6”, 12” and 24” modules from 30 inches up to 25 feet. This allows private offices to be constructed without relying on existing walls.
• Add a graphic design to customize your workspace further.

Evolve takes initiatives to protect the environment by providing environmentally-friendly options and maintaining an EcoLogo certification.


Global Furniture Group Bridges II allows you to create a working environment that encourages collaborative teamwork, bridging people with people. This system is flexible and fits in with any application. Build and customize it to fit your office’s needs and desires! With clean lines, freshen up your office with a modern look.

• Can expand from a single table to a multi-person workstation.
• Choose from Global’s woodgrain and solid laminates, metal frame finishes and accent finishes, to design the look you want.
• Offers height-adjustable round legs, fixed height rectangular legs, and caster and leveler options.
• Personalize the workspace by selecting a glass partition or laminate partition with an accessory rail.
• Choose your storage, power, and wire-management options to create a clean and tidy look.

Global offers a lifetime warranty. Greenguard certified.


JSI Flux is a fluid, forward-thinking casegood series that adapts to the way you work with an extensive offering of innovative mobility, smart storage, and modern materials. Design for a dime-size home office or the large executive suite. Designed by David Allan Pesso.

  • End panels provide full-depth privacy on the sides, acrylic screens block distraction across the table, and movable dividers sit between stations. Credenzas provide storage and seating.
  • Storage is far from an afterthought. Flux lockers and cubbies are built right into common workspace tables, individual stations, and standalone pieces.


Best known for remanufacturing Herman Miller AO2 systems, Open Plan Systems provides environmentally-friendly and affordable modular systems.

Signature Series utilizes new panels, tiles, and modular walls. Design your space the way you want with glass, acoustical, perforated, and open frame tiles. Add in walls that can reach up to 9 feet high to create a private office where ever you want.
• Signature Series has a variety of panel fabrics, work surface laminates, and trim finishes to choose from that will compliment anyone’s style. Aluminum top cap and one-piece rail where the slot channel and trim color are the same.
Sustainable C2 Program offers fewer finishes than the Signature Series, however, it provides a discount of up to 40% off the cost of new.
• Sustainable C2 Program has 31 fabrics, 4 work surfaces, 2 base colors, 3 trim colors, and 6 edge colors.

This system will allow you to adapt the workstations to fit your office space and desired business setting. OPS offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.


Darran Chameleon is a curated collection of desking, simple storage, and screen solutions that are easy to configure and personalize from a hand-selected palette of wood, felt, and acoustic materials. Like its namesake, Chameleon captures the essence of adaptability. Chameleon is suited to outfit an entire workplace, from making impressions in executive suites to modernizing mobile work terminals.

  • Height adjustable desk available
  • Soft close drawer suspensions
  • Choice of 23 finish/ 15 laminate /11 Forbo options
  • EPP/SCS/CARB-II rated core material composed of 100% recycled and recovered wood fibers
  • ENVI-CT (Environmental coatings technology) finish


Power, data, and technology at your fingertips with the Global Furniture Group Intelli Beam and Evolve Furniture Group Power Beam.

This simple, elevated raceway product can be used in conjunction with any Global desking, storage or table series. Raceway height options offer flexibility to support collaborative and individual work.

• Power Beam brings power and data to you. Standard duplex outlets, powered USB receptacles and data outlets may all be housed along the beam for easy access no matter the application

• With three heights (24”H, 30”H, 36”H) as well as multiple configuration options (straight, 90º and 120º connections), Power Beam allows you to create a multitude of configurations using either height adjustable or fixed height tables

• Power Beam takes the best of it’s systems DNA to also provide delineation along with power and data access for casual meeting areas without compromising the ability to charge devices.

• Sustainable C2 Program has 31 fabrics, 4 work surfaces, 2 base colors, 3 trim colors and 6 edge colors.


OFS Staks is designed to crossover from private offices to open plan workstations. It allows you to be the designer, with the ability to customize your workspace with loads of surface options, including veneer finishes and premium materials.

• Worksurfaces available in TFL, HPL, 3D laminate or wood veneer.
• Privacy screens are available in a variety of configurations as well as tri cluster and quad cluster.
• Shared and individual above surface storage options offer open compartments or hinged doors in a variety of sizes and configurations.
• For open-plan, Staks supports a variety of work styles within shared stations. Feel free to alter the design to fit any and all needs.

OFS Staks is a perfect fit for forward-thinking, sustainable workspaces and offers a 12-year warranty.


As we continually move towards the desire for a more domestic working environment, Senator Group Pailo provides a softer approach to the more formal bench desking systems that explore new ways to introduce fabric into the workplace.

  • Optional Gantry with height-adjustable drape screens
  • Optional soft form fully upholstered divider screens
  • Sectional 25mm top with a central slot for cable access
  • Extruded Aluminium mainframe available in a range of color finishes
  • Under-top cable baskets and storage caddies in a range of color finishes
  • Solid Ash leg with integrated leveling adjuster and die-cast aluminum top plate


OFS Eleven is a seamless blend of functionality, connectivity, storage, and media integration developed by a Swiss architect and designer.

• Integrated sit to stand design invites collaboration.
• Standard sliding tops create quick, effortless access to power and data when open and a clean, sleek aesthetic when closed.
• Scales from private to collaborative and open space.
• Choose from a large variety of laminates and veneer finishes.
• Legs are made of die-cast polished aluminum and the framework connecting the legs is anodized extruded aluminum.
• Lead time is 8-10 weeks.

OFS offers a 12-year warranty.


More than a furniture system, Groupe Lacasse C.I.T.É. adapts to current, evolving, and emerging needs. Beyond the modern, slightly edgy urban feel conferred by the use of translucent acrylic elements and aluminum accents lies a collection designed in keeping with the latest BIFMA standards for benching furniture systems.

  • Electrical and communications center raceway with translucent Sky covers.
  • Wire management base with lockable hinged door.
  • Spacious center raceway accommodating all types of electrical and communication plug-ins required by users. Easy to install, adapt, and reconfigure.
  • Chicago metal leg option available in Silver or White.


Groupe Lacasse Paradigm specializes in efficiency, innovative storage modules, and has a solution for every type of environment: from the traditional to the most dynamic.

• Groupe Lacasse’s newest panel-based system

• Unlimited flexibility. Easy to configure and reconfigure, as your business evolves.

• Glass privacy screens without visible hardware provide a clean, elegant look.

• Scales from closed office to collaborative

• Available in high-pressure laminate, tempered glass (clear or frosted), and fabric – the choice is yours!