Floor to Ceiling


Evolve Furniture Group offers tailored solutions that shape space, connect people, and support new ways of working. The backbone to building complete office landscapes, Evolve supports your needs now and tomorrow.

Support conversation, not distraction. Stackable panels shape space without relying on existing walls. Fabric, laminate, metal, and glass finish options support varying privacy, acoustical, and aesthetic requirements.


Divide without sacrificing natural light! LoftWall Split is available with a caster base to enable mobility, or a standard baseplate so people aren’t moving the product all day. With clear and frosted acrylic options, you can decide just how much your neighbor you want to see (your secret’s safe with us).

Split is the simplest way to divide space in an office, waiting room, cafeteria, training room, conference room, arcade, gym, salon, in a cave, or even on a mountain.


Modern design is beautiful, but it calls for fewer walls and more hard surfaces. These are the exact variables that lead to ridiculous sound levels in workspaces. Leveraging high-quality german wool, we knock down the sound and let you get back to work. Flox Acoustic Room Divider boasts an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating of up to 0.8. Trust us, that’s really good.

There are dozens of ways to reduce excess noise in your office – and there isn’t a band-aid that solves all of your problems. But if you want to define a space and absorb as much sound as possible in the process, LoftWall Flox is an ideal solution.


In a collaborative work environment, modular walls allow for the open plan concept paired with the management of noise and distractions. Create a new conference room or private office at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions with Open Plan Systems. Add space to existing buildings with new floor to ceiling modular walls and doors that accommodate ceilings up to 9 feet high.

With finish offerings of fabric, acoustic, and laminate panels, we are confident you will be satisfied with the quality and value of our modular walls.


Teilen System Walls create functional and elegant environments with their own patented de-mountable wall system, developed for architecture and interior design spaces. It’s a conceptually innovative design partitioning system that breaks the rules of the office.

Teilen generates a succession of sensations in workspaces, creating different environments and customized places for each project with the same system.


For 50 years, TrendWall floor to ceiling applications have provided solutions around the world. The simple installation minimizes downtime and practically eliminates construction mess and waste. It can also be rapidly reconfigured without demolition, and with minimal impact to floor and ceiling.

TrendWall is by nature a more sustainable solution than drywall, ensuring reduced resource consumption and less waste to landfill.


What’s your perfect space? A quiet, private office clad in wood veneer? A beautiful glass conference room? A creative hotspot where you freely sketch ideas floor to ceiling? Maybe it’s a simple, practical shared place in a beautiful environment. Where your vision, TrendWall Volo brings your space to life with speed, ease, and performance.

TrendWall Volo can create the aesthetic of custom millwork or perform like traditional drywall, with the practical advantages of movable walls. The unitized, non-progressive construction allows fast installation and reconfiguration.


KI Genius Architectural Wall easily accommodates those needs through customizable designs and configurations. Compatible with all KI systems furniture lines, Genius architectural wall integrates with worksurfaces, storage, and accessories to create streamlined workstations, conference rooms, training rooms, and more.

With an unlimited offering of options, materials, textures, colors, door styles, and configurations, Genius architectural wall offers the design flexibility to create unmatched visual impact. From offices to conference rooms to storefronts, Genius architectural wall has the product depth to achieve any look in any environment. Frames can be specified in materials ranging from anodized aluminum to solid wood. Choose from glass or veneer, sliding or swinging doors with hidden or exposed hardware. The range of options eliminates boundaries on what designs are possible.


KI Evoke Architectural Wall is a breakthrough alternative to drywall that is changing everything. Now you have the freedom to express yourself in ways once though unimaginable with a wall system. With virtually seamless reveal lines, KI Evoke is as flexible as a traditional movable wall, yet is screen-printable wrappable, and even paintable in the field – anything but dry.

With a construction process as simple as a permanent wall, Evoke installs faster and easier than drywall (and other traditional movable wall systems) and can also be quickly reconfigured with far less waste at a minimal cost – giving contractors, architects, and designers alike an unprecedented level of control.


KI Lightline Architectural Wall is a pre-assembled, unitized glass wall system dedicated to the enhancement of light. Its seamless connections maximize natural light for brighter, more efficient spaces while providing visual unification between architecture and furniture. Unlimited butt-glazing lets you design spaces with no visual breaks because KI Lightline doesn’t require vertical posts and it’s thinner, smaller rectilinear profiles go practically unnoticed.

Lightline architectural wall features pre-assembled construction with ½”-thick glass, seamless glass joints, passive top and bottom channels, and beautifully designed hardware, including full-height sliding glass door mechanisms. The thicker glass provides superior rigidity and sound attenuation. Glass edges are flat polished and chamfered to a precise angle, forming a virtually seamless fit when combined with the dry joint.