Room Dividers & Office Accessories


Clarus glassboards provide a striking design element to all work environments, including conference rooms, offices, collaborative areas, and educational institutions. With Adapt hardware, the end-user can mount a glass board to almost any piece of furniture in the workspace.

  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Made from 1/4 in tempered safety glass
  • Depth glass boards use stainless steel standoffs
  • Float glass boards use concealed hardware and TruMount materials/anchors
  • Go! Mobile glass boards have 13 steel frame finishes
  • 150 standard colors
  • Custom logos, patterns and artwork printing available
  • Magnetic and non-magnetic
  • Eased corners for safety

Clarus offers a 10-year warranty.


The purpose of Lencore sound masking is to achieve both speech privacy and comfort. Sound masking introduces a spectrum of noise that gently raises the ambient background sound in order to cover, or mask, speech.

  • Noise level is raised to a point that makes conversations unintelligible, therefore providing speech privacy.
  • Sound masking systems are not the same as “white noise” and do not make work areas louder.
  • The goal is to create a more private and comfortable working environment.
  • Lencore provides excellent assistance when deciding what systems would be best for your facility’s needs.


LOFTwall manufactures room dividers and privacy partition solutions for commercial, office, education, healthcare and residential spaces. Their products are designed to help individuals and organizations better utilize space with flexible and functional freestanding divider screens.

  • The modular frame consists of interchangeable panels and recycled aluminum frame
  • FRAMEwall is available in 3 widths: 52 in wide, 76 in wide, 100 in wide; available in 2 heights: 53 in tall & 78 in tall
  • Translucent and opaque panel options
  • WEBwall offers a frame in natural anodized silver finish, white, black or custom color. Sections are linkable.
  • GLIDE privacy screens have overhead track mounting and a floor guide available
  • SKY is a custom design accent for ceilings, hallways, workrooms, etc

The frame can be easily customized with panels available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Loftwall offers a limited lifetime warranty.


Workrite Ergonomics is an internationally recognized leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative ergonomic and space optimization products for the workplace.

  • Workrite Glide 2 is a keyboard platform that moves to everyone’s comfort level. With 24 standard configurations, Glide 2 will meet the needs of the widest range of workers
  • CPU holders have multiple mounting options, floor options, as well as mobile options
  • Monitor arms can be used with either fixed height or sit stand desks. Single, double, and triple options are available.
  • Mobile Tables available in over 15 laminate colors and 5 edge colors. Also available in Round, Oval, Square, Teardrop shapes
  • Maximize your workspace and minimize distractions with flexible and re-configurable privacy screens. Available in over 50 colors for any design


Koncept offers a variety of modern lighting options amongst their desk, floor, and linear lines. The Z-Bar Desk Lamp features a three-bar design that provides ultimate reach and flexibility. The adjustable LED head can spin in its socket, sweep side to side, and rotate around the end of the arm to point in any direction. Other versions include Slim, Mini, Solo, and Solo Mini. Available in a variety of colors.

  • Koncept’s floor lamp collections include Tono, Equo Floor, and Z-Bar Floor. The Tono is a LED lamp that paints your room in any color. Choose between a warm or cool light to brighten up your space with a soft glow.
  • The Z-Bar Floor brings the clean, slim design of the Z-Bar family without the need for a table. Compatible with an optional occupancy sensor.
  • We have several of Koncept’s lamps in our showroom.


Advance Technology MirroFlex is a decorative thermoplastic available in sheet and roll form. It is an eye-catching alternative to other wall and ceiling applications. MirroFlex Structures are three dimensional and flexible enough to be rolled for shipping yet completely rigid when laminated. These products are most similar to High-Pressure Laminates in thickness and size.

  • They have an impact, chemical, abrasion, UV, stain, and fire-resistant properties.
  • All Structures designs are high impact resistant and help to protect your walls while giving your interior a unique look.
  • Choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors.


Safco offers a variety of mail sorting options to fit your needs. Build your mail sorter by choosing a sorting table, sorter module, mail station base, and additional mail trays. Add to your mailroom by selecting a mail cart.

  • In addition to mail sorters, Safco offers a wide range of products for your workplace organization: bookcases, computer storage, desktop organizers, filing products, literature racks, machine stands, presentation furniture, trade show booths, and utility and book carts.